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Today's post is by Tour student blogger, Erika Mueller:

Oz Tour 2011 Student guest blog

Tuesday was a chance for the group to partake in a variety of Australian activities. The brave ones took their chances sky diving from the highest distance in the world – 15,000 feet. They soared over the Great Barrier Reef and left their experience with a new feeling of awe for Australia’s landscape as well as a memorable video recording of their fly through the sky.

Some equally brave souls rented scooters for the day and explored the beautiful rivers and countryside at stops including Lake Placid, Barron Gorge, and the Crystal Cascades. They avoided killer crocodiles, spiders, and stinging trees. Although the group was initially nervous about the country’s unfamiliar driving rules, as well as operating a motorized scooter, nobody was seriously injured.  This was a fantastic way to see the sights and share the road with Australia’s passionate drivers.

A third group spent their time fishing and experimenting with raw Australian fish. They sailed right outside of the marina and fished out of a small cove. They caught crab and some larger fish unique to the country. The captain made sashimi out of one of the group’s catches. Each person also ate live prawns for the first time, while at the beginning of their ride they would have never considered trying.

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