UC USA Sport Studies Tour: Part Two - Chicago

After a 4am start, a 4-hour flight and a very quick turn around at the hotel, we were on our way to Cellular Park to watch the baseball. The Chicago White Sox played the Kansas City Royals in an evening game not far from downtown Chicago.

The evening started with a “Patio Party”, which was educational, as we had no idea so many different foods could be fried. The food available not only at the Patio Party, but in general so far, may be one of the contributing factors to the article in the paper “USA Today”, which reported that 34% of US adults (approximately 73 million people) are obese, with the numbers increasing.

When the game started we all settled in, with some of the students taking the opportunity to mix with the locals and gain an understanding about the rules and the legends. Unfortunately the White Sox lost 5-3 after 9 innings.

To wrap up Chicago students discovered the city via land and water, with a special mention to Troy who kayaked up the river. Overall a beautiful city which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

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