Americas favourite pastime - baseball

Monday 23rd July – Seattle

Today, the tour group had the opportunity to watch America’s favourite pastime. Being situated only minutes from Safeco Field, we all watched the Mariners take on the Yankees in Monday night baseball.

After our CFL experience, we were very excited to be a part of something similar, and the baseball didn’t disappoint. Surrounded by massive interest, due to Suzuki Ichiro being traded from the Mariners to the Yankees only hours before the first pitch, and being put into the starting team for the Yankees, this game had everything. Some big hitting, some nice double plays and consistent pitching from both teams.

Some pre-game warmup Pitching warmup
Our seat view Seat view
After going toe to toe early, the Mariners began to falter and the game broke open late, with a 3 run inning to the Yankees, and then Alex Rodriguez put the icing on the cake with a massive home run over centre field to take the win 4-1 to the Yankees.

Everyone agreed that this was something that we couldn’t have missed. Safeco is a great place to watch baseball, there really isn’t a bad seat. Nice and noisy, enthusiastic fans to keep to mood high. Plenty of traditional American food choices too, so no one went hungry. It really was something I will never forget, and I hope one day I’ll be back to do it all again.

Play of the game went to A-Rod, but Callum came in at a close second with a seagull defecating on his head, which I’m still laughing about now.

Post by Rhys Redfearn
Seattle skyline Seattle skyline

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