From Olympic marketing to cancer cures

Today was a really interesting day with a wide scope of topics covered. We are at the University of Northern Colorado which has two notable international strengths within its School of Sport and Exercise Science.

The beautiful renovation of Gunther Hall, where the School is housed features old and new

Gunther Hall at UNC Ex and Sport history at UNC

First up we were fortunate to hear from Professor David Stotlar who works within the Sports Marketing Research Institute. Professor Stotlar lead an interesting and provocative discussion about the Olympics, marketing, media and it's overall purpose. This certainly had everyone talking. The talk was particularly interesting as Professor Stotlar has first hand experience working at and consulting for the Olympics Games and It's associated committees. The talk couldn't be more timely either with the Olympics beginning in the next day.

After a pizza lunch when then heard from two of the directors of the Rocky Mountain Cancer Rehabilitation Institute (RMCRI), Professor Carole Schneider and Dr Reid Hayward. Professor Schneider, a cancer survivor herself talked about how she helped established the institute and how it takes cancer survivors through an exercise rehabilitation program, taking research measures along the way. Dr Hayward then added information about his research work, predominantly in animal models, investigating how exercise interacts with common chemotherapy agents used to treat cancer. The research presented provides very strong support for exercise, across multiple measures, for cancer survivors pre, during and post treatment. To top it off, we had a tour of the facility to see where cancer survivors undertake their rehabilitation. One of our students has already completed a placement here on exchange and the staff are keen to have more.
Professor Schneider Interested students Yes, even an underwater treadmill Underwater treadmill and RMCRI
I think everyone agreed this was a really interesting day, topped off by a bit of shopping at a large mall in the town of Loveland.

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