How the college system works

Today was another interesting day as we got to learn how the college athletic system works. Jimmy Henderson, Associate Athletics Director - Academic Success, spoke candidly about the college system in the States, the pros and cons of the NCAA system and what a day is like for the typical college athlete. It's worth noting the importance placed on academic success, regulated through the thick NCAA rule book, and athletes are required to go to study group for 2-3 hours each night.
Jimmy Henderson The Athletics Departments study lounge UNC Athletics study lounge Athletic Trainers room Athletic Trainers room
The Northern Colorado Bears are a recent addition to Division 1 athletics. It's worth remembering though that Division status is based upon the facilities and scholarships the Athletics Department offer, and not the standard of play necessarily. The Bears have successful basketball teams, but not so much their football team which was 0-12 last season. The Bears are a small Division 1 team, with a measly budget around $12m/yr.
Bears Locker Room
Following the talk we had a tour of the facilities before some free time and a visit to Fort Collins for dinner.

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