Whistler to Kamloops

We drove an hour or so out of Whistler to commence a hike at Joffre lakes. The Joffre lakes circuit comprises of 3 separate lakes, one approximately 400m from the car park, the 2nd, according to Greg our TRU guide an easy 45 min stroll, and the 3rd a further 1km up to a glacier. We all made it to the first, then the majority of the pack headed up towards the 2nd lake. The 45min flat strolled turned out to be a an hour ++ climb!!! It was definitely challenging terrain, but the lake awaiting us at the top was worth the broken shoe, stabbed toe and bucket loads of sweat. We stopped for a picnic, and one crazy person (Ben) hopped in for a swim. The lake was full of glacier water, so the water temp was fairly cold (water temp less than 10 degrees Celsius). Lake After descending we made our way a further 3.5 hours down the road to Kamloops, the home of Thompson Rivers University (http://www.tru.ca). Greg took us all out to a local restaurant for dinner where we met with other TRU Adventure Sport staff, Gilles Valade (head of department) and Jon Heshka (Associate Professor in Adventure Studies and Law at TRU).  The Thompson Rivers, Kamloops Bright and early the next day we made our way to the Adventure Sport department where Gilles spoke to us about the variety of Adventure Sports available in British Colombia, ranging from Helicopter skiing, cat skiing, white water rafting, hiking and canoeing to name a few. We discovers how lucrative the Adventure Sporting industry is, and that most of us would need to work at least 2 full time jobs to afford to participate (1 week of Helicopter skiing sets you back $11,000).  Jon was up next to discuss risk management in adventure sport. Not only was Jon's lecture entertaining, but he challenged each of us to think about whose responsible for risk management and accidents in adventure sports. We discussed the death of Nodar Kumaritashvili on the Luge track at the 2010 Winter Olympics, the death of freestyle skier Sarah Burke and Nick Zoricic, both Canadian who have recently died while competing in extreme sports. He also entertained us with multiple video clips and a good sense of humour. TRU study To round out the lecture series, Miranda and 'Boomer' from Pacific Sports (http://www.cscpacific.ca) spoke to us about their talent identification program in Canada and took us for a tour through their facility, which is similar to our AIS. They discussed the Canadian long term athlete development plan which was very handy for a few of the students research projects. The day finished off with rock climbing at the Kamloops indoor rock climbing centre. After a couple of hours of climbing it came down to some races... With Adam being the overall  winner, and Sabina coming runner up.  Climbing

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