Wiegele World

We started off early as we had our second longest drive ahead of us today. After a speedy breakfast at the TRU residences, we jumped on the bus and headed  north east to Clear Water for white water rafting with Interior White Water Rafting (http://interiorwhitewater.com/). We all signed our waivers (which is becoming routine, as  everything here seems to involve a waiver of some description) then collected our wetsuit, fleece, splash jacket and shoes. We took a stereotypical North American "yellow school bus" up a bumpy road to our raft launching spot. We divided into 3 boats and were given all our safety instructions on the smooth part of the river. Due to the large amount of rain, our course had to be modified as the rivers were really full and running quite fast, so a small hike to a waterfall was included in our rafting adventure. The highlight of the hike was the chance to walk behind this huge waterfall. It was freezing cold, super windy, and the sound of the waterfall deafening. It was a very cool experience, so again, the hike was worth it. 
Rafting Back onto the boats we hit a few grade 4 rapids including Sabre Tooth which was exhilarating..... and though the girls were close, no one fell out (though I think Greg was tempted to jump out). Once through the large rapids we had the opportunity to jump out of the boat and swim. The water temperature took our breath away as we jumped in, but it was relaxing floating down the river. 
After a few hours on the water we were back on the bus and heading to our next stop, Mike Wiegeles Helicopter Skiing chalets in Blue River (http://www.wiegele.com/). The chalets were beautiful,  however the Mosquitos were rampant. We finished the long day off with dinner in the only restaurant in Blue River, which Mike Wiegele also own's before everyone crashed for a well deserved sleep!
Mike Wiegele Resort accomodation

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