Day 13: more American sport

By Josh Matic

Sunday June 16 saw the 2013 Sports Studies tour group explore downtown Denver, and attend a Major League Baseball game, in what was the first full day in Colorado.

The day began with a talking and introduction by UNCO staff at the uni's residence. Afterwards, we drove to downtown Denver and shopped along 16th Street Mall, which is an outdoor shopping strip. The weather was fine, hot and sunny in the morning, before becoming overcast, wet and extremely windy. We then all met up again at Coors Park to see the MLB fixture between the Colorado Rockies and the Philadelphia Phillies.

The weather cleared beautifully for the game, and we sweltered under the sun in section 402 where there is no cover. As we entered the stadium from the opposite side, most students took the chance to purchase merchandise and cheer on the Rockies.

The atmosphere of the game was memorable, and despite the game itself having a sloppy standard, the almost sellout crowd still made lots of noise.

Both teams struggled to find space when hitting the ball, with fowls, catches and run-outs happening almost pitch by pitch, and besides one home run to the Rockies in the third inning, the was just three base runs in total until the seventh inning.

The home side then took off, and after finally getting men to bases, raced out to a 5-0 match winning lead courtesy of a huge home run hit by superstar Carlos Gonzalez.

The Phillies executed their batting poorly, and were never in the game, going down 5-2. Their two home runs each game in their final inning.

After the match we drove back up to Greenley where our UNCO accomodation was, and to finish the day, a number of students walked across to Pitcher's bar to watch the NBA finals series.

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