Day 6: Rafting :)

By Rhiannon Stephens

This morning was another early morning as we left Kamloops and continued on our journey to Revelstoke. About half an hour out of Kamloops we encountered some troubles with thebus door as it would no longer stay closed. After a quick fix, we continued driving to Revelstoke for our day of rafting.

We arrived at Apex rafting at approximately 10am to be fittedwith our wetsuits, socks, jumpers and jackets. After this we boarded their bus for a 15 minute journey to the beginning of the rapids where we were given a safety briefing on how to use the equipment and how to respond if there was an accident. From here we were separated into three different boats and started our trip down the riverThe first rapids that we encountered were to be the roughest of the day and the first time we would experience the breathtakingly cold water flowing down the Illecillewaet River from a nearby glacial lake

With no sun in the sky we froze for the two hours that we were on the water. However, it was an amazing experience and something we would all like to experience again (on a much warmer day).

Once we reached the end of the river we were given various pastries and watermelon whilst the tour guides packed up the boats and equipment that we used. From here we were transported back to their office in Revelstoke where we all changed into some warm clothes. From here we checked into our hotel for the night at the Sandman where we enjoyed an afternoon in the pool and spa.

We then met to go out for dinner at Big Eddy’s Pub where we enjoyed dinner as a group courtesy of Ben and Julie. This was short as we had to meet to go to the Candian Avalanche centre where we learnt about predicting avalanches, what we would do if one was to occur and the devices that can be used to help in rescue missions. Despite the whether and bus problems it was a great day!!!

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