Day 7: Heliskiing to Kelowna

By Cassandra Muir

Today’s adventure began with a

presentation and guided tour by Jeff Honig the operations manager of ‘Selkirk Tangiers Heli Skiing’. Heli skiing, for those of you who do not know is where a helicopter transports a group of skiers to the remote wilderness for an adventurous day of skiing. The snow at these various locations is something most skiers only dream to ski on, filled with unbelievable powder snow conditions. There are no tracks and no runs for skiers to ride down; they create their own adventure under the supervision of a trained guide.

Unfortunately Greg had to miss the presentation and tour

provided by Jeff as he was off trying to get the bus door fixed (which gave in on us the day before). Whilst waiting for him to return the group went around the back of the complex to play with the football and enjoy the fabulous sunshine Revelstoke had to offer. Despite all attempts to get the bus back and running in time for us to drive to Kelowna, we had a little delay. Due to this unforseen problem, we caught taxis into the centre of Revelstoke until the problem was solved. The girls decided to sit down at a lovely café and enjoyed hot chocolates and cookies, whilst the guys stopped off at the Village Idiot Pub. After meeting up for a group lunch the bus was fixed and we were on the road again.

Greg then drove us to Rogers Pass, a beautiful view where we

were able to see the glacier which runs off into the river we did white water rafting the previous day. We also were able to view one of Canada’s most infamous avalanche mountains. You can see the destruction an avalanche has caused. In parts of the mountain there is little to no vegetation, however on either side the vegetation has not been affected. After taking a few pictures for our collections it was time to hop back on the bus and head to Kelowna. By this point everyone was tired which resulted in a majority of us sleeping a significant portion of the drive there (sorry Greg).

To finish off a great day the whole group went out to dinner which was filled with fun and laughter.

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